Parents and Babies CPR

Parents and Babies CPR Course

If your baby stopped breathing, would you know what to do?
Parents and Babies CPR
It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your reaction could make all the difference. The course will help you learn to stay calm and apply first aid when your child needs you most. Participants learn to identify, respond to and manage this emergency situaion immediately, and when to go to hospital.

A child’s body is yet to mature and therefore does not have the ability to prevent accidents from occurring or cope with illness as well as adults. Most parents can deal with a skinned knee or common cold, but a more serious accident or illness is a different matter.It is understandably easy to for a parent to lose their cool and fall to pieces in this situation however this does not have to be you. By learning CPR you will gain greater knowledge and be more confident to handle the stress of an emergency involving your child.

Enroll in a Parent and Babies CPR course today and have peace of mind.

  • Classes held in small groups
  • Babies welcome
  • Group bookings available


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