Conduct Nursing Observations


Course Overview

Learning how to confidently assess a client and know deterioration and monitoring requirements.  Knowledge of anatomy cause and disease process. Knowing the normal’ values in basic observations. Knowing the differences in age groups and techniques.

Award issued

Workplace Information and practical based competency.

Certificate of attendance – Not Nationally Accredited.

Course Fees

$85 per person – group bookings and discounts apply.

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About This Course

  • Learning How to take regular and acute observations. Getting confident in reporting changes and knowing why you are doing them.
  • Neurovascular, Neurological, cardiovascular, and routine obs. Head injury observations?
  • Shock and Intracranial pressure??
  • Manual and automatic BP’s, Oximeter, Respiration and pulse.
  • Knowing the Normal limits
  • When to get assistance? What to report? How often to do them?
  • Knowledge of why you are doing them and why so often. When do we increase the observations and why.
  • Differences in age and populations.
  • Paediatric versus elderly
  • Blood sugar levels and diabetes
  • Reading careplans and writing reports. Documenting observations.

Duration: 2hrs.

Requirements & Prerequisites

Course requirements

There are no prerequisite qualification or certification requirements for this course.

Physical requirements

Please note that there are often physical standards which relate to the level and extent of physical performance required when undertaking accredited training.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LNN)

In order to meet competency for this unit, you will be required to meet the minimum LLN requirements of the Training Package.

If you are under 18 years of age

A parental/guardian consent must be obtained for any student under the age of 18 to be able to participate in this course.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

To be able to complete any vocational education course in Australia you must obtain and provide us with a USI. This is obtainable from We are unable to supply a course certificate without this.