Occupational First Aid – HLTAID008 Manage First Aid Services and Resources


Course Overview

Provides the occupational first aider with advanced knowledge and skills to carry out emergency first aid for injuries and illnesses in the workplace and is designed to meet the needs of those who require or would like to obtain a higher level of preparedness in order to adequately handle a workplace emergency, until the arrival of an ambulance.  It will also provide students with information on state and federal legislations as it applies to workplace First Aid.

Occupational First AidOccupational First Aid Courses on the Sunshine Coast – ITS HERE!

Occupational First Aid

This course is made up of:


Course Fees

$540 For full course and three days

Face to face , on-line workbook and practical scenario based learning.

Please contact us if you have current certificates for consideration.

Topics covered

  • Workplace first aid requirements
  • Identify workplace hazards and assess associated risks as a basis for determining first aid resources
  • Develop first aid action plans in consultation with relevant parties
  • Establish and maintain workplace first aid facilities
  • Monitor and maintain availability of first aid equipment, resources and personnel to support workplace first aid response
  • Maintain workplace first aid resources
  • Deploy appropriate equipment, resources and personnel to ensure timely and effective first aid response in line with workplace requirements
  • Maintain confidentiality of records and information in line with privacy principles and statutory requirements
  • Review the provision of first aid in the workplace
  • Contribute to the review of workplace policies and procedures in accordance with risk assessment and evaluation of first aid provision

Award Issued:

At the successful completion of this course participants will be issued with a statement of attainment for:

HLTAID008 Manage First Aid Services and Resources, valid for 3 years.

Requirements & Prerequisites

You will need to have successfully completed:


Physical requirements

Please note that there are often physical standards which relate to the level and extent of physical performance required when undertaking accredited training.

  1. Physical ability for each course, (Reasonable adjustment mandates that for first aid, all participants MUST be able to perform all scenarios as written without any adjustment for physical infirmity, See specific instructions from the Industry Skills Council on our ability to modify the assessment to meet the needs of those with special needs, this is often called “Reasonable Adjustment” specifically, we have been advised in the HLT First Aid Guide Version 2 March 2018, ( available from https://vetnet.education.gov.au/Pages/TrainingDocs.aspx?q=ced1390f-48d9-4ab0-bd50-b015e5485705 )

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LNN)

In order to meet competency for this unit, you will be required to meet the minimum LLN requirements of the Training Package.

If you are under 18 years of age

A parental/guardian consent must be obtained for any student under the age of 18 to be able to participate in this course.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

To be able to complete any vocational education course in Australia you must obtain and provide us with a USI. This is obtainable from usi.gov.au. We are unable to supply a course certificate without this.