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Providing knowledge and confidence to carers and families in the community regarding Healthy Bowel habits, Complications, Medications, Holistic approaches, diet and fluids and nursing intervention to help comfort and relieve constipation and bowel problems and consistency. Offering a caring approach and information including referrals and support agencies.

Bowel care is a routine part of personal support. It requires a specialist level of support where the participant is at risk of severe constipation or faecal incontinence, for example, CP GMFCS[1] levels 3,4,5; spinal injuries; some ABI and where the bowel care plan involves non-routine treatment such as use of non-routine PRNs.


A bowel care plan has been developed and is overseen by a health practitioner. Minimum plan requirements include information on normal stool appearance for the individual; how to identify symptoms that require action, timing of intervention (how long before action is taken) and the action required.

Providers will support their workers and others involved in providing supports to: Follow personal hygiene and infection control procedures; recognise the intensely personal nature of this type of support and make sure of the participant’s consent for the approach; observe and record change bowel habits; administer laxatives, enemas or suppositories according to procedure and identify when to seek health practitioner advice. High intensity support work includes administration of non-routine medication as required.

Providers will deploy staff with knowledge of: basic anatomy of the digestive system, importance of regular bowel care and understanding of stool characteristics indicating healthy bowel functioning and related signs and symptoms, basic understanding of related conditions including autonomic dysreflexia; symptoms/indications of need for intervention and when to refer to health practitioner e.g. overflow, impaction, perforation; infection, understanding of intervention options and techniques including administering enemas and suppositories, digital stimulation, massage etc. and related guidelines and procedures, nutrition and hydration requirements.

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Workplace practical demonstration and information.

Certificate of attendance only. Not Nationally Recognised.

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About This Course

What will be covered:

    • What is Bowel Management?
    • Why healthy bowel function is essential to quality of life?
    • Principles of bowel management
    • It’s not just about the bowels – it’s about the whole person.
    • Factors that affect bowel dysfunction
    • Comprehensive assessment
    • Patient preparation for some bowel care procedures
    • Laxative and Bowel defecation assistance – natural methods and pharmaceuticals used.
    • Safe administration of Suppositories and enemas – correct procedure, preparation and care

Duration: 2hrs.

Requirements & Prerequisites

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There are no prerequisite qualification or certification requirements for this course.

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    Yes – just let me know so I can take more time for you and assessment support.

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    No  – I can send you some prereading if you have Never done a course before.

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    Yes, we can offer student/pensioner discounts. Call for further details.

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    (CPR  New) – 2 hours,   CPR ( refresher ),   First Aid  4hrs

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    3 minimal  ( call for request if less )

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    14  ( younger if level of understanding and maturity advanced )

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