Assist Clients With Medication Workshop


Course Details Course Overview: This is a practical based workshop course to develop confidence and knowledge in safe administration of medication in the community. Award issued: This is a Workplace competency based certificate : Not a National Statement of attainment Course Fees $110 Contact us for more information. About This Course Prepare to assist with medication Prepare the client for assistance with medication Support clients with administration of medication Handle medication contingencies Complete distribution and documentation Practical skills on use of Spacer for Asthma and COPD medication – The medication knowledge and justification. [...]

Assist Clients With Medication Workshop2021-05-26T09:52:22+10:00

Young People’s Survival Course


Course Details Course Overview Too many teenagers and young adults are dying on our roads and too many are ending up in our hospitals with serious, life threatening and permanent head injuries. The results of these injuries is often catastrophic to the young life and family. As a young adult, you may not be aware of the risks involved with attending functions, festivals and clubs where alcohol is being consumed. The risks arise not only based on your behaviour but also the behaviour of others who may have consumed too much alcohol or drugs. This information [...]

Young People’s Survival Course2020-03-05T08:21:36+10:00

Snake and Insect Awareness Course


Course Details Course Overview Do you work in a job where you come into contact with snakes, spiders, ticks, spiders, scorpions and centipedes? Are you able to recognise the difference between those that are safe and those that could harm you? If not, then you could be placing yourself in danger. We offer businesses and groups courses in Workplace Health and Safety Snake and Insect Awareness. Award issued Certificate of Attendance - Not Nationally Accredited. Course Fees Contact us for more information. About This Course What you will learn on one of our [...]

Snake and Insect Awareness Course2020-03-09T14:10:26+10:00

PEG Feeding


Course Details Course Overview Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is an endoscopic medical procedure in which a tube (PEG tube) is passed into a patient's stomach through the abdominal wall, most commonly to provide a means of feeding when oral intake is not adequate. We provide information, practical hands on experience, trouble shooting and knowledge to make participants more confident in their ability to provide care to a client with a PEG and requiring enteral feeding. Award issued Workplace Certificate of Attendance - Not a Nationally recognised course Course Fees $110 About This Course [...]

PEG Feeding2021-05-26T09:50:56+10:00

Fire Warden Training Course


Course Details Course Overview This course provides participants with the knowledge and skill to effectively fulfill their duties as a warden in the event of an emergency. Award issued AS3745-2010 Course Fees Contact us for more information. About This Course Our Fire Warden training course (AS3745-2010) provides participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively fulfill their duties as a fire warden in the event of an emergency. Providing both public and private training throughout Australia and New Zealand, Healthcorp’s professional industry trainers will teach you the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond [...]

Fire Warden Training Course2020-03-05T08:41:18+10:00

Epilepsy management – Midazolam administration


Course Details Course Overview Epilepsy is a disorder of brain function that takes the form of recurring convulsive or non-convulsive seizures. Epilepsy is not just one condition; rather it is a diverse family of disorders comprising many seizure types. 10% of the population are at risk of experiencing a seizure during their lifetime, while 3-4% will go on to be diagnosed with epilepsy. There are seizures that are not epileptic such as those that result from diabetes, kinked blood vessels and a range of other health conditions. Midazolam is a medication that is commonly used for [...]

Epilepsy management – Midazolam administration2020-03-07T09:13:33+10:00

Conduct Nursing Observations


Course Details Course Overview Learning how to confidently assess a client and know deterioration and monitoring requirements. Knowledge of anatomy cause and disease process. Knowing the normal' values in basic observations. Knowing the differences in age groups and techniques. Award issued Workplace Information and practical based competency. Certificate of attendance - Not Nationally Accredited. Course Fees $85 per person - group bookings and discounts apply. Contact us for more information. About This Course Learning How to take regular and acute observations. Getting confident in reporting changes and knowing why you are doing them. [...]

Conduct Nursing Observations2020-03-05T08:22:07+10:00

Conduct Manual Handling tasks safely HLTWHS005


Course Details Course Overview This unit applies to all workers involved in manual handling tasks. We specialise in the Healthcare industry - Nursing, community, disability and homecare. Award issuedAward issued - HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safelyCourse Fees$120 per student with group and multi course discounts available.Contact us for more information.About This CourseManual handling can be completed at your workplace using your equipment and processes OR at Rapid Response training rooms, where we simulate standard working conditions and scenarios.All participants must perform manual handling tasks including problem situations, so that we correct postures and assess [...]

Conduct Manual Handling tasks safely HLTWHS0052021-05-20T13:07:33+10:00

Bowel Management


Course Details Course Overview Providing knowledge and confidence to carers and families in the community regarding Healthy Bowel habits, Complications, Medications, Holistic approaches, diet and fluids and nursing intervention to help comfort and relieve constipation and bowel problems and consistency. Offering a caring approach and information including referrals and support agencies. Bowel care is a routine part of personal support. It requires a specialist level of support where the participant is at risk of severe constipation or faecal incontinence, for example, CP GMFCS[1] levels 3,4,5; spinal injuries; some ABI and where the bowel care plan involves [...]

Bowel Management2021-01-15T15:36:33+10:00

Tracheostomy Emergency Care and Management Workshop


Course Details Course Overview Award issued Workplace Information and practical based competency. Certificate of attendance – Not Nationally Accredited. Course Fees $120 per person – group bookings and discounts apply. About This Course  Knowledge and anatomy or Airway and Tracheostomy Hygiene and general stoma care Recognition of infection / concerns and when to seek help Emergency and general suctioning of trachy tube Positioning and preparation of equipment Emergency replacement of tube Preparation of emergency Tracheostomy kit Management plan and general care at school and out of home CPR through Tracheostomy and normal airways [...]

Tracheostomy Emergency Care and Management Workshop2020-03-21T08:25:56+10:00


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